Lead Singer/ Acoustic Guitar

Glen is a first class frontman with superb vocal qualities. His charismatic stage presence is guaranteed to get the party started and draw the crowd to the dance floor. Glen who prior to Wapscallions has supported bands such as The Christians and Big Country.

Equipment: Sure mics, Roland vocal effects, Takemine guitars.



Bass and Backing Vocals

Robbie, previously with heavy metal band Atlas and I, is a versatile bassist who brings the drive and power to get the party going.

Equipment: Ibanez SGR400 guitar, Roland D-Bass 210 + D-Bass 115.

Tim the Keys


Tim is a tight and solid keys player whether playing traditional piano based songs or adding anthemic synth riffs to the techno set. Tim’s keys allow the Waps to extend their repertoire and bring a richness of sound not experienced with more traditional guitar based bands.

Equipment: Korg keyboards, Roland keyboards, Kurzweil keyboards


Ed is the newest member of the Wapscallions and he brings great experience and drumming skills to the band. Ed has vast experience and notable achievements such as supporting the Human League. His electronic kit ensures that his extensive range of drum sounds are tailored accurately to the original version … or even bettered. Ed has an amazing energy which when heard just makes you want to dance!
Equipment: Roland electronic kit